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a little bit about me

I am an artist living and working in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally from Canada, where I studied art and illustration at Sheridan Collage. Once in Auckland I enhanced my diploma with a certificate in Fabric Design and Print through AUT. 

My work has been greatly influenced by the geometry, simple forms and patterns that I explored during my studies in fabric design and screen printing. 

Along with years of working as I freelance editorial illustrator, I have also had some great opportunities to design and screen print textiles for unique bespoke projects. 

I am continuously mixing up my art practice with all of these different disciplines. My collective studies in art inform each new direction that I find myself going, all finding some place in my work. Play is possibly the best and biggest inspiration in my practice.

Recent years has found me experimenting with landscape painting. Using a somewhat abstract approach to capturing abstract memories, real and imagined. Memories of places and times gone by. As the years go by, I am compelled to get down in paint the short stories that make up my life.

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